"But the latest tease of the band’s long awaited debut album portends the Los Angeles quartet finally realizing their full potential. They’ve never sounded better than they do on “In My Place” — especially vocalist Natalie Carol, who wrestles with the wreckage of her faith and self-perception while anxiously considering her own youth “floating on great expectations” and “choking on grand illusions.” - Pranav Trewn

Brooklyn Vegan

"Singer Natalie Carol has a real powerful voice, and the band’s folk pop has gained comparisons to Fleetwood Mac, Florence Welch, and others." - Andrew Sacher


"Driven by the impassioned vocals of Natalie Carol—tones that shiver in all the perfect places—"My Man" is a song that smacks of rolling hills and freeform dancing, a kind of pop imbued with Laurel Canyons vapors and alt country angles and a top down free spiritedness." - Kim Taylor Bennett

NPR: All Songs Considered

"Valley Queen comes from the Neil Young school of great music. They are fronted by Natalie Carol, whose voice is simply amazing." - Bob Boilen

LA Weekly

"The Arkansas transplant instills a lulling romantic mood, her clear voice arcing slowly like a comet over her band’s gentle ’70s country-rock backing. The Echo Park quartet pumps up the soul on their 2015 follow-up, “Who Ever Said,” a retro ballad distinguished by Carol’s persuasively hopeful entreaties." - Falling James

The Village Voice

"...Carol has stayed true to her roots while embracing the psychedelia of California rock--and making some damn good music along the way." - P. Claire Dodson

Huffington Post

"...This video is a celebration and expression of that progress...and Love remains the ultimate outlaw."

Rock NYC

"...the crowd got even closer to the stage to better appreciate Natalie Meadors' impressive howls. Saying that this woman has a powerful voice would be an understatement--she seemed to incarnate freedom and wilderness, freeing a bunch of horses when she sang, this truly was music to climb the highest mountains to."

"Meadors’ sweet yet compelling vocals weave in and out of spaghetti Western guitar riffs while the percussion gallops in the verses and the chorus soars and swoops back down just before another rip-roaring build-up. Ironically enough, this first single is also about creating a supportive artistic community in Echo Park. With arrangements like this, there’s no room for loneliness." - Seraphina Lotkhamnga

4:00 p.m.: Last year, Valley Queen were thrown a curveball — only hours before they were scheduled to play MMP, drummer Gerry Doot’s wife went into labor their their first child. This year, 1-year-old Dorothy was sidestage as the quartet rocked their tight new songs at the STATS stage.

"It’s a band of distinguishable characters, and that is no exception when it comes to their main vocalist, Natalie Meadors. She seems to be the glue that holds the manic energy together, even though she is jumping on speakers and dancing around too. Her sultry vocals weave in and out of the pounding guitar lines, with an onstage confidence that is incredibly enrapturing. You can’t help but watch as the frantic chaos on the verge of total collapse manages to hold on, and you feel the catharsis of just letting go and getting swept away... [Valley Queen] invites you into their overwhelmingly sensory environment, where to dance and move will cure any temporal blues." - Taylor Lampela

LA Music Blog

"The LA outfit has been around for fewer than five years, though listening to their music, you might think your vinyl-junkie friend picked one of their records out of a pile next to Fleetwood Mac and Hendrix. They have a classic Southern grit that makes you crave a sweet tea. They have defined their sound with a bluesy twang on guitar, driving thump on bass, and a soulful Southern vocal in singer Natalie Meadors."